Here is a good description from the user manual:


The Hifidelio

"The Hifidelio is a music server to be connected to your stereo system and is designed to store your complete music library and play it back. It enables you to very easily find the music tracks you want to play. You can store songs from external sources on your Hifidelio, and you are able to produce your own CD from its content (obeying the Copyright Laws of your country). You can generate individual playlists or let the Hifidelio generate searchlists according to criteria you have defined. You can connect the Hifidelio to a computer network and broadcast per streaming Internet radio stations. Additionally, you can create a multi-room solution by connecting the Hifidelio to other additional devices, the so-called satellites. Your Hifidelio can then distribute its music to these devices based in various rooms. You can also use the Hifidelio as a simple CD player."


Veronica with 'Black' theme
Veronica with 'iPhone' theme Veronica with 'Hifidelio Control Center' theme

Veronica screenshots
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Veronica is a VNC server that allows remote control of a Hifidelio Wireless Music Center using your network connection. This technology allows the creation of a virtual screen on server side that the user is able to control on client side. Veronica uses the LibVncServer library (distributed under GNU public license) which implements the underlying Remote Framebuffer Protocol.
On client side, you need a VNC viewer application that can display a virtual VNC screen. You easily can find online and download freeware VNC client applications for popular personal computer operating systems (including Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux,) PDAs and mobile phones.


  • VNC screens and controls to which you can apply different themes
  • Cover art integration
  • Display scaling support
  • Java VNC viewer applet
  • Remote system command execution

Download Veronica files


  • Copy veronica-x.x.x-bin.tar.gz to the import folder
  • Open a Telnet session to your Hifidelio
  • Enter the following commands at the Linux prompt:
cd /audio/import
tar -zxvf veronica-x.x.x-bin.tar.gz

Here is a sample output of a successful installation:

Veronica 0.5.5 installation
veronica stop
                                                            [  OK  ]
Copying program files
Copying start script
veronica start
Veronica installed.

To clean up the installation files afterwards (otherwise they appear in the "Import" menu of your Hifidelio,) just use the following command:

./install -clean


The tool hfscreenshot creates screenshots of content displayed on Hifidelio. The usage as it is shown with the "--help" parameter is pretty self-explanatory:

Usage: hfscreenshot [OPTION]... IMAGE-NAME

Usage options:
  -i, --image-format  image format of the output file;
                      possible values are 'jpg' or 'bmp'; default is 'jpg'
  -q, --jpeg-quality  jpeg quality range is 0 (worst) to 100 (best); default is 90
  -f, --foreground    foreground color of the output image; default is hex '000000'
  -b, --background    background color of the output image; default is hex 'aacccc'
  -d, --target-dir    place output file in the given directory
  -h, --help          display this help message

Download hfscreenshot file


  • Copy hfscreenshot.tar.gz to the import folder
  • Open a Telnet session to your Hifidelio
  • Enter the following commands at the Linux prompt:
cd /audio/import
tar -zxvf hfscreenshot.tar.gz
./hfscreenshot --help


./hfscreenshot -i jpg -q 80 -f 00cc00 -b 000000 -d /audio/import hfshot
./hfscreenshot --image-format jpg  --jpeg-quality 80 
               --foreground 00cc00 --background 000000
               --target-dir /audio/import hfshot

These commands are equivalent. Both create a file named "hfshot.jpg" in the directory "/audio/import" with a JPEG quality of 80. The foreground and background colors are defined using a hexadecimal notation for the combination of red, green, and blue color values (as done in HTML documents).


hdreset resets the hard disk checksum in EEPROM Atmel 24C08 of newer Hifidelio devices. This tool is required if you must replace the internal hard disk due to failure or for some other reason.

Download hdreset file


You can learn more about the Hifidelio at these sites:

The Hifidelio also was marketed as the "Olive Symphony," "Olive Musica," and "Olive Opus" in the United States and other countries by Olive Media Products. Here is another resource for information about the Hifidelio/Olive products: